Our mission

*Customs clearance on incoming messages to customers of all sea and land ports of the Republic, the airport's air .obba systems (Ward final - allow Maguet- Drubak - Transit - Cars - Freezer -.)
Book spaces -tsidir general cargo for all countries of the world.*

*Year the export of all products of the Arab Republic of Egypt on behalf of clients and their documents - as well as the non-export Bbtaguetna of our company account.

*Importing from all countries of the world and all blocs economic groupings -Afta - COMESA -alathad European - Arab common market agreement Convention on. Agadir-Turkey –East OfAsia –Americas and Australia-Russia - .. etc.
*Each according to country roses are shipping to the nearest and most appropriate port for the price of product was contained to the country. (Which saves fees and expensive importer .
*Sea and air shipping on all lines and airlines..
*And land transport for all Arab and African countries - and the rivers and ground shipping to Sudan..