• El Amal factories for plastic pipes and fittings 10 Of The  Ramadan import raw materials and export their products to all Arab and European countries.
  • General lighting supplies lighting factories Tenth of Ramadan –Import  production requirements.
  • Energia factories Metals - Tenth of Ramadan -astirad copper ore - and export of electric cables.
  • Energia plants for aluminum sectors - Tenth of Ramadan –Import  production and export of  Ores  private profiles.
  • Staff of factories Mining Tenth of Ramadan - the production of raw materials import and export of mineral Ores Arab and European countries.
  • Crown factories in Sixth of October –Import  Plastic and export of electronic components and raw materials.
  • Textile factories Sixth of October.
  • Importers of raw materials used and yarn factories Garments manufacturer.
  • Importers (traders) and electrical home appliances.
  • Importers (traders) sanitary ware and porcelain.
  • Importers (traders) supplies and equipment Kitchens Restaurants and hotels.
  • Importers electrical tools and supplies lighting and chandeliers.
  • Importers colored electrical wires and fiber and communication..
  • Importers and distributors of food from Saudi Arabia, Thailand - Vietnam and Jordan.
  • Importers, distributors, supermarkets, hypermarkets equipment. (Stands - Display refrigerators) ... etc
    Importers and contractors - rebar.
  • Importers parts Alkahraaúah for distribution panels and fire - and sensors -oaadadat measurement.
  • Importers and fire and theft alarm and surveillance cameras - security gates and control devices.
  • Importers armored doors and safes safe.
  • Importers accessories for ladies and hours .oeduat Accessories (trunk - shoe -hzam etc.) from China and India.
  • Importers gifts and stationery and school supplies and paper - paper photography.

TO Provide Total,Quality Services To Our Customers Through An Experience Staff Committed To Excellence by:

  • Be Open,Ware And Responsive to The Need Of Our Customers
  • Assisting Our Customers In Achieving Their Goals Through Customization Of Services,Effective Communication With Team Work
  • Constantly Improving The Quality And Timeliness Of Our Services,Documentation And Communication
  • Maintaining A Motivational Climate That Stimulates The Individual,Helps People In Their Job Performance And Encourages A positive Attitude
Vessel Stores:
  • General Marine Supplies That Meet Owners, Quality Requirements Are Delivered World Wide
  • Drawing Upon Knowledge Of ShiPboard Needs,Extensive Inventories,Strategically Located Facilities And Worldwide Buying Contracts
  • Gulf Suez Ensures Cost-Effective Vessel Supply Obtaining The Majority Of Our Widespread Inventories Directly From Manufacturers
  • Ensures Immediate Availability,Consistent Quality And Competitive Pricing
Provision Supplies:
  • We Supply Fresh And Frozen Provisions Of The Best Quality
  • All Provisions Are Well Packed In Strong Cardboard Boxes
  • Expire And Production Dates Of All Products Are Clearly Marked On Each Package
  • We Provide Our Principals With Signed Certificate From The Master That All Provision Has Been Delivered On Good Order And In Good Condition
  • We Own Refrigerator Containers Enable To Deliver Provision Items In Good State
Deck And Engine Stores:
  • Gulf Suez Have Access To A Full Range Of Deck And Engine Stores And All Ship Lines All Available At Competitive Prices With Short Load Times.
  • Our Range Includes Products From The ISSA Stores Catalogue, Main Auxiliary Engine Components, Pumps,Valves,Anchor Chain,Mooring Equipment And Various Other Technical Items.