Company Profile
The company was founded in 1994 in Cairo, Suez added ..autam branch in 1995 to serve the ports Tawfiq and literary ,, then Alexandria Office in 2001 to serve the ports of Alexandria and Salloum Land Port Read More
Customer service
The acting customs clearance and export an integrated team of skilled and efficient accredited extracts from the Customs Department Bturakhbes necessary public .oalheiih export control and Allowardat.mlim best roads and faster procedures and understanding of tariff .okma offer views Service Balmwanye Read More
- Customs clearance on incoming messages to customers of all sea and land ports of the Republic, the airport's air .obba systems (Ward final - allow Maguet- Drubak - Transit - Cars - Freezer -...)

- Year the export of all products of the Arab Republic of Egypt on behalf of clients and their documents - as well as the non-export Bbtaguetna of our company account.

- Importing from all countries of the world and all blocs economic groupings -Afta - COMESA -alathad European - Arab common market agreement Convention on. Agadir-Turkey –East OfAsia –Americas and Australia-Russia...